Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer Dillas!

Summer time is just around the corner (woohoo) and what says summer more than corn on the cob? Answer: corn OFF the cob. This recipe is a fancy twist on your regular quesadilla and a crowd pleaser indeed! It is the perfect sweet, smokey and fresh combination of flavors. Yum! 

All mixed up and ready to spread!

BEST tortillas...ever!
If you want to pretend like you've got the real deal homemade hook-up on your tortillas, you need to try these! I have only seen them in the flour tortilla version...but if you're a breakfast taco enthusiast like myself, these are DElish (with a capital D). Cook them in a pan...adding butter is always recommended...and wah-lah.

I was in a hurry to eat these...


serving size: 3 quesadillas

  • 3 ears of sweet corn (1 per serving)
  • one 4 oz. log of goat cheese
  • 1/2 c. chopped scallions 
  • shredded monterrey cheese  
  • 6 flour tortillas 
  • salt and pepper to taste

make it:

First things first, roasting the corn. It is SO easy and brings out all sorts of awesome flavors. Make sure you are using FRESH corn on the cob. Cut the ends and place it in a bowl to catch the kernels. Use a sharp knife to cut the corn off the cob. Next, place the corn in a large pan and make sure the kernels are not crowded (I did this in two batches). Leave the stove on a medium/high setting and let the kernels sit for 1-2 minutes. Be patient and don't stir! 

Once they have browned and start to smell amazing...remove the corn and return to large mixing bowl. Combine green onions, salt/pepper and goat cheese then set aside.  

In another pan, begin to cook your tortillas. Once you have two tortillas...sprinkle your shredded cheese on one side. This cheese is our quesadilla "glue" since goat cheese is a very soft cheese. Any chance I get to add more cheese..I'll take it!

Spread the goat cheese mixture on the other tortilla. Sandwich together, slice and serve!
This recipe is always a hit! Even if you aren't a fan of goat cheese...I promise you will enjoy these:)

Enjoy this recipe and the rest of your week. Let me know if you get a chance to make them!

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