Friday, May 10, 2013

COLOR your world...

Color is such a powerful way to define our spaces, so I wanted to give a few tips on the subject. I recently painted my apartment and you could really tell a difference in the way adding color creates interest to a space. For instance, we originally had a drabby beige fireplace wall, causing it to appear washed out and dated (yuck!).

As you can see, adding the DARK charcoal grey made the fireplace and trim pop giving the space a more contemporary feel. The power of color is amazin! 

Get your supplies:

  • painter's tape
  • colorful paint of choice (I recommend BEHR paint + primer)
  • rollers
  • roller covers (the squishy foam things)
  • trays
  • shop towels (for messy hands)
  • drop clothes (to protect your carpet)
  • small/medium size brushes for edges 

When selecting your color...I think it's important to look at your surroundings and make sure you are selecting a shade that is cohesive with the rest of the space...countertops, flooring, existing walls (yes work with the existing paint even if it makes you cringe) etc.

Choosing colors can be overwhelming since the options are endless so.....get INSPIRED!!

This is the most important type of research a client or designer can do.... It can be as simple as finding a pillow you love and believe it or not, you can base an entire room off of your inspiration piece! If you haven't registered for HOUZZ it! It is the ultimate mecca for inspiration and I always find really great articles on design and tips for my "dream home" :) day....

 Here are a few of my general pointers that are good to remember:

Don't be afraid of color!

Use your color in various pieces around a room.

Break up a colorful room with a neutral wall color.

Need I say more?

I hope you're feeling inspired...thanks for reading!

Have a lovely weekend and give your momma a big ol' smooch for Mother's day!

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