Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keep it classic.

1. Work that waist girl! Get it. $60
2. Your doo can be fashionable too! $18
3. This tote goes with everything...and carries everything:) $79.50
4. I'm all about comfort and these sandals are adorbs. $138
5. This makeup bag has you lookin good before the makeup! $5.95
6. I love the pop of color in this blouse! $43

I love black and white right now...and aren't stripes are a fun way to wear it? I'm a firm believer in buying staple items and these are some examples of staying trendy while keeping a classic style. I have a feeling black and white won't go away...and adding a pop of color is always fun:) Ps.. forget the "horizontal stripes make you look fat" rumors...and rock it!

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