Friday, June 21, 2013

Fiesta Fruit

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We recently celebrated a lit'a boy's birthday (actually, he's 30) at the lovely Zilker park and I wanted to put a little festive spin on your average fruit kabobs! I made the skewers the day before and did my skewin' the day of the fiesta. Lets get started...

Make it:

You will need the following supplies listed above ..including your favorite fruit, of course! :) 

- Using food coloring you will need to follow the instructions on the package to create the color of your choice...Just like dying Easter eggs!
- Let the skewers steep in the colored liquid for about 3-4 hours. *They will float, so use a cup or flatware to hold the skewers down.
- Remove from liquid (be careful, the dye can stain your fingers!) and allow to dry. 
- Wrap a piece of WASHI TAPE around the top of the skewer with about 1.5" on each side and stick them together. This secures our flags in place.
- Cut triangles to achieve a fun flag shape...and wahlah!

**Washi tape side note: I am in love with this stuff! I keep trying to think of cool ways to use it. They have tons of different colors and patterns at the craft's so fun!!

I love the way these festive skewers brighten up a simple/easy party snack. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are enjoying your summer as much as I am:)

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