Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mini Mason Jar Trifles

Celebrating America! 

It is almost Independence day and I've always had a silly urge to make festive treats for holidays...shocking, I know! As I was shopping around for my 4th of July staple items (watermelon, booze, etc..) I wound up with all of the necessary items for this dessert in my basket! Also, we happen to have 8 thousand mason jars in our apartment (because drinking wine from a jar is more fun:) so I decided they would make the perfect parfait container. BONUS : if you're going on a picnic to watch the fireworks...throw these in your basket and *wahlah* dessert on the go.

 photo asded_zps6e40eff2.jpg


- strawberries (diced)
- angel food cake (cut into 1" squares)
- whipped cream
- blueberries
- mason jar

Complicated instructions:
 - Build your parfait and enjoy!

*(Store your trifles in the fridge before serving)

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you guys and gals have a wonderful and SAFE holiday weekend!


  1. You know what, looking at your pictures, your post has just prompted me to go and make a smoothie with the fruit I have sitting next to me on the dinning table. I will back to check out the rest of your blog:)

    1. Awesome! That's what it is all about, people inspiring people! I will definitely check out yours as well...Thanks for stopping by:)