Thursday, August 1, 2013

Stay golden!

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If you haven't heard, this weekend is the Texas Style Council blogger conference! I've been scrambling to get my booty in order...outfits, swap swag, photo exciting! I'm still learning how all of this works so it's fun to network and learn from others.

One networking tool we're all familiar with (blogger or not) cards! I feel lucky to work in the creative industry because essentially, you get to have a little bit more fun with the every day riff-raff. SO, instead of investing lots o' bucks into some serious branding, I decided to go with a simple "Hello, I'm Andrea" kinda card. I don't own my own business...I'm just here learnin' the ropes! This DIY was inspired by the lovely Camille Styles.

Make it: (estimated cost:  $25 - $30)
  • First, create a 3.5" x 2" design via Photoshop (PowerPoint could work too) and upload to your local Fedex/Kinko's office.
  • Next, use what ya got! I had some gold paint laying around and decided to spice up my cards with a fancy gilded edge effect. You could also make a fun design using watercolor paint or washi tape... be creative! 
If you plan on giving out your phone number, I recommend using Google Voice (especially when buying/selling on Craigslist). You can block spammers, send texts and there is even a voice mail feature. Thanks Google for having basically, everything.

We're all unique and business cards should not only reflect a brand but personality as well!  Don't let anyone tell you you're just a template...!:)


  1. OMG love this idea! It's kinda brilliant! Thanks for stopping my blog the other day- I'm loving yours too!! Just followed you on bloglovin' - hope you'll follow me too :)

    Dana Ivy

  2. Great idea. Love this little touch - it's all about the details.